Nike Lebron 15 Trainers

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LeBron 15 Ashes 897648-002

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LeBron 15 Ashes 897648-002

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Lebron 15 sneakers challenge everyday!

The Lebron 15 sneaker, like other models under this name, is unique. Their designs are bold. LeBrons 15 cannot be confused with others. This is modern technology and original design.

Nike Lebron 15 Trainers

The creators are an iconic collaboration:

  • The multi-million dollar company NIKE;
  • Renowned young designer John Elliot;
  • World sports star LeBron James.

LeBrona's model 15 is new. Released in 2017. Therefore, it meets all the modern requirements of athletes. The creators take into account all the nuances, past mistakes and the latest fashion trends. LeBron 15 sneakers have several color options. You can also choose the option with Velcro or laces.

It was once a full-fledged basketball model. But times are changing. And today, Lebron 15 sneakers from the famous brand can be found in almost every wardrobe of a modern young man. Lebron 15 sneakers will be a good addition to almost any style: sports, street, casual, casual.

The highlight of this model is incredible cushioning. It combines two iconic systems: Air Max and Zoom Air. You will not feel such lightness in any other option. The ideal is LeBron 15 sneakers.

With high jumps, the load is removed from the heel and evenly distributed over the joints and spine. This feature will help protect you from injury and keep you healthy for a long time.

In the back there is a small glass, which is responsible for fixing the foot. The outer coating is thin and soft. LeBron 15 sneakers are elastic. Creates a unique feeling of comfort. Fly wire, as always, is a good solution. Provides a secure fit for the foot. LeBron 15 sneakers took out of the box, put on and forgot about them. It doesn't take time to break down and get used to.

The sole is soft and springy. Not very tall. Withstands heavy weight and heavy loads. The grip is reliable. But not too aggressive. With it, you will not find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly move from the spot, and the sole bites into the parquet and slows down movement.

In our online store, you can choose the original LeBrons 15 at an affordable price. Remember that in this line, crosses come in size by size. Check out the detailed instructions on the website on how to correctly measure the length of the foot. Or give us a call. Polite consultants will help and tell you about all the nuances and features.

Lebron 15 sneakers are creative and sophisticated!

How to buy them cheap?

Quality American models can be difficult to obtain in Ukraine. But we know how to solve this problem. Leave a request on the site soon to order your cool crosses. We will send the package quickly! When placing an order in the morning, dispatch on the same day. If agreed in the evening, we will send LeBrons 15 already sutra. Choose delivery to the nearest post office. Or indicate a place where it will be convenient for you to meet the courier. There is a bank transfer and cash on delivery. Don't waste your time! Contact us. We will tell you about current promotions and help you get a discount. The iconic LeBron 15 sneakers will be very inexpensive.