Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers are red

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Air More Uptempo Supreme 902290-600

Product Code: ZJ-77813

Air More Uptempo Supreme 902290-600

2 667.00грн. 5 477.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 667.00грн.


Air More Uptempo Bulls Hoops Pack 921948-600

Product Code: ZJ-77803

Air More Uptempo Bulls Hoops Pack 921948-600

4 871.00грн. 5 477.00грн. Ex Tax: 4 871.00грн.

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Nike Air More Uptempo Red Sneakers - A Daily Challenge!

We can talk about NIKE for a long time. The generation of brand admirers has already changed. The Nike Air More Uptempo Red is based on a pair that became a legend in the mid-nineties of the last century. The company doesn't just make shoes. She is making sports history.

Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers are red

World renowned basketball player Scottie Pippen is the original cross country ambassador. He is loved for his streak of victories in the NBA. And he got every victory in his favorite sneakers. The first models were basketball. But now, leaving all the best, can be used for everyday wear. Outwardly they look heavy, but they are not! Red sneakers are a great solution for those who:

  • Not afraid to stand out;
  • Loves bright original style;
  • Respects prestigious brands;
  • Stylish accessories.

Nike red - the right decision

The high sole is lightweight and durable. There is a single air capsule inside. Cushioning when walking is guaranteed. It is easier to withstand physical activity in them. For example, long running or jumping. Materials are only natural. With proven quality. Here it is leather and textiles. Therefore, they do not float. You can spend the whole day in them and feel confident. Red sneakers go with any look.

Separately, it must be said about the grip of the sole with the surface. Thanks to modern technology, they do not slip either on the varnished floor of the sports hall or on the ice. This ensures the safety of the wearer.

The double seam connects all parts securely together. There are several patches with a recognizable logo. And also the iconic Air lettering, which any fan of cool shoes from far away will recognize. The interior decoration is made of natural materials, therefore it is comfortable.

Small mesh top for better cushioning. But the mesh does not catch the eye of outsiders and does not spoil the style of the sneakers. The laces, together with special elastic bands, securely fix the leg. A comfortable foot position in Nike red will help prevent injury. Such as sprains and other troubles.

Features of purchase and delivery

In our online store Air More Uptempo, reds can be bought inexpensively. We often have promotions and discounts. We will deliver them to you by mail or courier. Red crosses will come to you in any locality in Ukraine. Hurry up to leave a request or call to order your special crosses! It's trendy, tested and cheap!